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Blackfire Playmat illustrations

This post is on standby since a while. Probably I wasn't brave enough to share it earlier... When Blackfire Games contacted me with a request to draw a few lands illustrations for their custom artist playmat series I was about to say - NO! Lands!!! For gods sake, in all my illustrations the environment is just a supportive background... Can I do that? I said to myself that whatever the result is going to be, it would be fresh, new and most of all challenging experience. You may be surprised but even artists with more then fifteen years of experience in the field of creativity might have doubts. Well, it was heavy, it took me some extra time and I can't express my gratitude to the guys at Blackfire about their kindness and patience with this project... a lot of patience. This is over now... If you like it, have it!

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Svetlin velinov island
Svetlin velinov plains
Svetlin velinov swamp
Svetlin velinov mauntain
Svetlin velinov forest