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Goblin "BOOM" squad

As I'm going to attend an event called GoblinCon I needed to figure out something in the right course and thematically authentic... and in all of its gory glory this just popped up in my mind - Bomb squad of goblinzzz - flying to it's devastatiing purpose with the credo - "Fly high boom tribe, die low with a gory blow" !!! If you want a playmat you can buy it as soon as it came out at @GoblinCon if you managed to attend the event in Istanbul, Turkey on 7-9 of December. If not I'll figure out something to spread some happiness to all who consider this playmat as a must! :) I hope to see you there. Otherwise enjoy this creation. Cheers!

Svetlin velinov goblincon playmat high

Goblin "BOOM" squad

Svetlin velinov goblincon playmat wip


Goblincon playmat in motion